Honest Lifestyle Design Accelerator Review: Pros and Cons

I have set up this website, to give you an honest review of Lifestyle Design Accelerator (LDA for short). A few months ago, I got the chance to use this new program.

The main thing that attracted me to it is it doesn’t use the traditional “make money online” approach. Instead, it focuses on designing your lifestyle, by building a small online business that runs without you…

Lifestyle Design Accelerator Review

I feel LDAs three main components are:

  • Training that shows you how to build authority affiliate websites.
  • An app that creates WordPress sites quickly, with all the settings, plugins and layout already configured.
  • A rolodex of tested people you can outsource to.

Who Lifestyle Design Accelerator is NOT for:

LDA is probably not for people who know how to create products, do launches, build websites etc. Those people would be better of with other programs.

Who Lifestyle Design Accelerator IS for:

The ideal customer for LDA is someone who needs a simple business model, and who doesn’t know how to build websites, yet.

Without further ado, here’s my opinion…

What I didn’t like about Lifestyle Design Accelerator:

My biggest gripe is this:

I have been using WordPress for years, and have some premium WP plugins and themes I like using. LDA doesn’t allow for plugins or themes to be added.

They do it for security reasons, because one bad plugin or theme can affect the entire platform, and that could mess up everybody’s sites. Another reason they don’t allow extra plugins or themes, is they have built everything with the beginner in mind – all the basics are already there, and already preconfigured.

I understand these, but it would be great if I could use some of my favourite plugins as well. That said, they review requests for plugins and themes, and they add more as time goes by (if the plugins and themes are well-coded and supported by their respective developers).

What I liked about Lifestyle Design Accelerator:

1) The training has personality. Here’s an image from the member’s training area, to give you an idea:

Lifestyle Design Accelerator Review

2) The site-building app is very simple to use. Apart from my complaint mentioned earlier, the app does everything it says. It builds simple sites very quickly.

Here’s a demo site created with the app. The site is intentionally simple, and focused on building trust, giving value, and making the sale.

All the settings are already “correct” – the sidebar is cleaned up from unnecessary widgets like “Archives, Meta, etc.” The permalink structure is already set to site.com/keyword-phrase. And all the plugins under the hood appear to be “tuned” just right, so I didn’t have to mess with them.

3) The list of service providers is a time saver. I contacted two writers from that rolodex. Both seemed qualified. The first one was already busy, and would be able to start creating content in 2 weeks (I couldn’t wait that long). The other one did deliver two articles I asked him to. The quality was good. With a little more guidance from me, I could see me working with this writer for a long time.

4) The case studies where inspiring. I got the chance to see websites that already ranking high on Google for specific keywords that show buyer intent. Most of them are pretty simple and basic, but they seem to be doing really well. I got several ideas regarding new niches, and approaches to building a website.

Lifestyle Design Accelerator Review: The Conclusion:

This program appears to have several good things going for it, especially if you are a relative beginner.

Lifestyle Design Accelerator is not the cheapest one around – but you can try it for $1 and see if it’s right for you.